3650 days ….and counting!

If not you than who – If not Now then When … I have asked myself that over a hundred times.. It’s time to make a change, this happens when you feel you have lost it all and after the pain has subsided you start to evaluate your self, at 63 years old I have to admit I dont have all the time left in the world. Looking at 10 years from now where will I be and what will I be doing – for sure not the same stuff so from today with 3650 days in hand its time to find those Moments of Joy – My Mojo.

My intentions are to sell Onse Rus Guest HouseOnse Rus Guest House

Move to MyShire our farm in the Great Karoo



make sure the horses Max – Bonnie and Hio are safe



Then pack a bag and go play on the Planet. Return and rediscover South Korea – ride a bike around Jegu Island – spend time at a Temple ( gotta learn to be silent) visit Mongolia – travel across the Steppe – visit a Sharman – hopefully see the descendants of the first horse….

This is not going to happen immediately but once I have committed to the written word its the first step ….. so watch this space

Boredom is the bitch – and sometimes your best friend … you realise that memories are memories of the past then you get stuck in them so to get into the future you have to let go of the past and store the memories in a safe place …

Guest House is on the market – learning Hangul the Korean alphabet – watching copious amounts of YouTube video on learning to speak KoreanĀ  – hate the fact that age is a factor in teaching English hell, life begins at what ever age you feel and not what the mirror says but will deal with that.. dont look in the mirror !!!